Screentec joins the 2020 TechMed Event

The University of Twente and World Trade Centre Twente have joined forces this year to bring together last year’s TechMed Event and Medical Device Meetings Twente in a new online event: The 2020 TechMed Event.

2020 has been a turbulent year and one which brought to light the importance of a robust and flexible MedTech industry. Companies, organisations and hospitals all over the world have joined forces to combat the global Corona epidemic and have shown everyone how important good communication and cooperation is in times of crisis.

The region of Twente, strategically situated at a crossroads of several major European industrial and innovation hubs, has taken steps to become an important player in the field of medical technology, BioTech, pharmaceuticals and life sciences. Last year saw the opening of the Technical Medical Centre, an initiative to accelerate the co-operation between medicine and technology as well as business, academia and medical personnel closer together.

To mark the occasion, the first TechMed event was held last year, were everyone from business people, academics, medical professionals and other stakeholders were brought together under one roof. This may seem like a normal, reasonable thing to do, but in reality there are often disconnects between stakeholders and very little opportunity for cross-pollination that often leads to the best innovations.

Last year also saw the very successful Medical Device Meetings Twente, held in September. This event focused more on the business-to-business aspect of medical technology, as the Twente region has a very strong position in this field. The region is home to several international players in the field of MedTech, BioTech, Pharma and an internationally renowned University. This combined with its proximity to other regional hubs makes Twente a hotbed of innovation, not just on a local but on an international scale.

Screentec is proud to announce that it will be joining this year’s virtual event, which shows a lot of promise to be one of the key European networking events in the field of Medical innovation this year. We look forward to a productive event full of new opportunities!


Early-bird registration for the event is available until 31.7.2020, so act fast!

Register here!

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