User Interface Manufacturing

Need a keyboard that works in extreme environments? A human-machine interface that is both stylish and functional? An interface for your medical device that is reliable and easy to clean? Explore our options and capabilities.

Screentec provides it’s customers with a wide array of human-machine interfaces (HMI), from membrane switches and technical overlays, to piezoelectric solutions and complete hybrid assemblies.

Suitable for following production needs

  • High wear resistance properties needed
  • Equipment manufacturing for wide industry range
  • Extended product service life needs
  • Flexible series manufacturing
  • Can be combined with complex electronics and mechanics
  • Fine-tuned production for customer needs
  • Cost-efficient small and medium-sized production series


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Roelof Aalpoel, Sales Manager
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Extreme Wear Resistance:

With our technology we can use almost any kind of material for the surface of our HMIs. Because of this our user interfaces can be made vandal proof, weather proof and water- or even airtight. Weather conditions in Finland can be quite extreme, but our user interfaces work even with intensive daily use, exposed to raw weather conditions 24/7.

Temperature differences

Even in the heart of Finnish winter at -40⁰C our human-machine interfaces work reliably. Heat shocks going from room temperature to boiling water (98-100⁰C) also do not stop the keyboards from working, perfect for professional kitchen equipment.

Absolute reliability

Not only are our HMIs able to resist hammer blows and other extreme forces and still work, these forces will not accidentally trigger the active areas either. We are able to define the exact range of pressure and duration of the touch so that the keyboard only works when you meant it.

Have you ever wished that you had a glass keyboard on which you could write like a normal keyboard? One that you can rest your hands on, without accidentally activating random buttons? We have the right solution for you!

Style & Looks

In today’s world, functionality is not always the only concern, a HMI should also look like part of the device or vehicle it is meant to control. With our technology, shape and size are no obstacle, we can make a human-machine interface with an active area of just 1mm2 up to user interface several square meters in size.

Because of the varied materials we can use, it is possible to make a keyboard from a beautiful polished wooden panel, or coated with leather, perfect for luxury vehicles and other devices. When weighing style and functionality, why not choose both?