Medphab Pilot line Horizon 2020 project

Over the past few decades, photonic technology has become increasingly important, not just in the fields of computer technology and manufacturing, but also in the field of medicine and medical technology. To accelerate the development of these technologies, the MedPhab Horizion 2020 pilot line project was set up.

Over the past few years the value of photonic technology in the medical field has become more and more obvious. Not just in curative applications, but also in monitoring and preventive healthcare. Companies like Oura and Senno have proven that even simple cameras can gather a vast amount of valuable information and vital sign data from a subject. Whats more, this can be done in a completely non-invasive way and not only that, it can look stylish as well, avoiding stigma’s that can sometimes be associated with wearing visible medical devices.

As technology is advancing and with the combination of photonics and AI technology more and more applications become possible, not just in theory, but in practice. One of the main challenges is though, that because the application field is so broad, it can be difficult to find the right technologies and expertise for the application you would like to do. As with so many new technologies these days, there are a lot of different components which need to be brought together and interdisciplinary cooperation is more rule rather than exception.

For this reason, Screentec, along with a broad consortium of partners started the MedPhab pilot line project. The aim is to accelerate the commercialisation of these revolutionary new applications by combining  partners from research, all the way to prototyping, and eventually mass production. This is very valuable, as medical devices already tend to have a long time to market and being able to reduce this cuts costs and, in many cases, saves lives.

Because the application field is so broad, the Medphab pilot line will be focusing on certain specific fields to ensure that it is effective as well as to provide a ”proof-of-concept” that could later be applied in other fields. The application fields chosen are hospital environment applications, home care devices and diagnostics equipment. These fields cover both in-vivo and in-vitro applications.

The pilot line will provide a single entry point for customers, where they can easily access all the different technologies and services they need to make their product a success, as well as consult with experts in the field which give crucial guidance to cut down time-to-market as much as possible.

You will be able to hear more about Medphab at the upcoming COMPAMED/MEDICA,16th-19th of November 2020, as well as during events hosted by the European Photonics Industry Cluster (EPIC), which is one of the partners in the consortium and provides webinars on a whole host of topics related to the various applications in the field of photonics. Be sure to check out their events if you want to know more about the topic of photonics, what photonics can do for you, and you can do for photonics.

Screentec’s role in the project is as a manufacturer of medical devices which has a long history of cooperation with VTT and various other consortium members. We provide ISO 13 485 certified manufacturing of various components and sensors as well as hybrid assemblies, combining the benefits of printed electronics, traditional electronics and now photonics as well!  We are looking forward to a fruitful cooperation to strengthen European expertise in the field of medical devices, create jobs and most importantly, save lives.

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