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Our company is the place where theory and practice meet, we work with cutting edge, high-tech products and systems as well as more traditional crafting techniques. We encourage our employees to innovate and develop our processes constantly, we give you the opportunity to develop your own tools or modify existing ones to get the results needed to ensure constant high-quality production.

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R2R Printing Machine Operator for initial production runs

Screentec was founded in 1989 in Oulu, one of Europes leading technology hubs. Screentec’s products are found in applications where wear and tear are heavy and operational reliability is a must: Traffic solutions, security systems, hospitals, vehicles and industry. The company currently employs close to 80 professionals. Over the past 10 years Screentec has also used its expertise in the field of medical electrodes and rapid diagnostics. 


Screentec operates on the forefront of technical breakthroughs in the field of printed electronics and has global ambitions. Thanks to our knowledge and experience in the field, our close connection to our customers as well as new investments have enabled us to grow in foreign markets, particularly in Europe and the USA.


Screentec is now hiring:


a R2R Printing Machine Operator for initial production runs



We are looking for a Printing Machine Operator for initial production runs on our roll-to-roll assembly line. As indicated by the title the job includes the operation of a roll-to-roll printing machine. To succeed in this function you need the ability to operate and master our automatic production line’s functions as well as a keen eye for detail. Experience in the field of printed electronics will be seen as an advantage, but is not a requirement as you will also be trained internally for the tasks you are expected to perform. The most important thing is that you are willing to learn and have a positive attitude towards work. You will work as part of our production team and will help them meet production deadlines and quotas, and ensure that our customers receive their products in a timely manner and in accordance with the quality requirements of said products.


The job includes a 2 month training period, in which you will be taught the basics of Printing machine operation. The first few weeks of training will be done during regular daytime working hours, and afterwards you will work in shifts, either 2 or 3 per day.


Screentec offers you an interesting job oppertunity in a growing and developing environment. You will have the chance to join our production team and ensure the timely delivery of even the largest production batches.


Working Hours: 40h (2- or 3-shifts)

Apply by: 12th of February 2023

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