Consulting, R&D and Productization

Screentec is able to offer our customers consultancy services for the development of their products and we are able to guide you through the productization process. Through our network of experienced partners, we are also able to offer turnkey solutions, covering every aspect of the production supply chain, as well as full product lifecycle support.

Screentec is also doing feasibility studies for printed electronic manufacturing.

Printed Electronics Consulting

We help you with our expertise on the following subjects:

-Large area sensors
-Pilot runs
-Feasibility studies
-Mass manufacturing
-Manufacturing methods
-Manufacturing processes
-Hybrid systems

Medical Devices:

-Signal optimisation
-Material selections
-Product structures
-Product layout

Customised Medical Electrodes

As experts in the field of disposable medical electrodes, Screentec is able to provide consulting on many aspects of an electrode that are needed for it to work properly, and fit the intended application.


Customised Diagnostic Devices

We are able to utilise our expertise in rapid diagnostics and microfluidics to help our customers produce their products faster and at a lower cost. With easily scalable production we are able to support our customers throughout the life cycle of the product development.


Human-Machine Interfaces

Screentec has over 30 years of experience in the production of switch membrane keyboards and other touch interface solutions. Whether used for hospital-, forestry-, mining- or even professional kitchen equipment, our durable, wear-resistant interface solutions are always a good fit.


IoT Devices and Sensors

The Internet of Things (IoT) devices are gathering data about a great variety of machines and objects and hence allows improvements in production efficiency, power, and cost savings as well as the longer product lifespans and better traceability. Screentec has a great amount of experience producing and optimising IoT devices and sensors and we can help you in this field also.

SubstratesPastesHydrogelsSkin adhesives
For recording
For Stimulation
Liquid – UV curable
Sheet and roll based
Up to 14 days wear time
Water resistance
Limited reusability
Snap buttons
SMT connectors
Electronic components
Mechanical components
Waterproof (IP)
Impact resistance (IK)

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