Screentec Oy part of sleep apnoea research

Screentec Oy part of Nordic research consortium for diagnostics of sleep apnoea.

Today the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) has announced the launch of a new research consortium that aims to revolutionise the diagnostics of sleep apnoea. The UEF is coordinating the consortium which consists of several knowledge and research institutes as well as commercial partners, one of which is Screentec Oy.

According to the article, sleep apnoea is cause for a great burden to the public healthcare system, because if left untreated, it can cause several life-threatening medical conditions. Currently the condition is hard to diagnose as the diagnostic methods available at this time are expensive and time consuming and can be inaccurate as well.

By using a combination of new computational tools and sensors the UEF and the consortium hope to enable more accurate diagnosis of the disease and enable better individualised treatment as well as identifying the patients with the greatest need for help.

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