Screentec Oy joins the OE-A!

Having been active in the field of printed electronics for almost 30 years, Screentec Oy has finally made the step of joining the Organic and Printed Electronics Association (OE-A) this summer.

1.8.2019, Oulu.

As part of its ongoing international growth strategy, Screentec Oy’s leadership has made the decision to formally join the OE-A this year. The OE-A is an association of many of the key players in the field of printed electronics, covering the entire supply chain. By joining, Screentec Oy hopes to strengthen its ties to potential partners and suppliers and stay up to date with the latest developments in Organic and Printed Electronics.

Screentec Oy will also be joining the OE-A at their pavilion at the CES 2020, one of the biggest annual events in the electronics industry.

All-in-all Screentec Oy is looking forward to a long and fruitful cooperation with the OE-A and its members!

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