Surgical Mask production line has arrived

Assembly of the production line for Class 2 surgical masks at Screentec Oy has started today 30.06.2020.


The machinery for the production line arrived yesterday (29.06.2020) and assembly started the following morning. Once set up, the production line is expected to run continuously, to ensure that the masks can be delivered to the university hospitals as soon as possible. We will also ensure that enough masks are produced to handle a possible second wave of Covid-19.

At first masks will be produced from imported materials, but in the future they will be made entirely from domestically sourced materials to have a fully Finnish supply chain. To this end a deal has been made with material provider  Suominen Oyj:n to provide materials for the masks. However, the setup will have to be done with the materials that shipped along with the production line, while we wait for the establishment of the domestic supply chain.


The production setup will be done over the coming month, according to strict quality and safety standards. The aim is to have the production going full speed during August.


If you have any questions related to the Class 2 Surgical Masks, please contact us through the link below:

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