Customized Medical Electrodes

Customized Wearable Electrode Technology

We design and manufacture custom electrode solutions for your wearable
technologies in the healthcare fields.

Screentec Oy Advantage

Medical device manufacturers and healthcare companies regularly integrate wearable electrode
technologies into their novel therapeutic solutions. However, manufacturing wearable electrode
monitoring devices can shift valuable resources away from research and slow the product
timeline if a company is not equipped to do so in-house or must outsource to multiple parties. As
well, some companies simply do not have the expertise or technical capabilities to produce such
technology on-site. At Screentec Oy, we provide a solution by partnering with companies in the
medical device and healthcare fields to design and completely manufacture wearable electrode
monitoring technology customized to each company’s specific product needs.

Our Wearable Electrode Technology

At Screentec Oy, we offer a range of wearable electrode monitoring services and products.
Whether your company needs to contract out the electrode component of your final product or
prefers to outsource the entire wearable electrode production, Screentec Oy would like to partner
with you. Our over-a-decade of experience in printed electronics and broad range of in-house
production options allow us to rapidly produce prototypes, with product scaling in mind. Our
ability to manufacture the complete product in-house reduces the cost and time to move from
prototype to mass production.

Customized Electrode Applications

Our past wearable electrode projects for our partners range from wearable electrodes for
detecting carpal tunnel syndrome to an electrocardiogram wearable to identify heart
abnormalities. We partner with medical device and healthcare companies throughout Europe,
Asia, and the Americas, creating customized wearable electrode technology for their products.
A particular specialty, our smart wearables can record such vitals as temperature fluctuations,
blood oxygen levels, and blood pressure, to suit your company’s needs. As such, our wearable
electrode monitoring technology provides for a wide range of applications, including most
recently applications for companies with COVID monitoring devices and technologies.
In-House Manufacturing Benefits
Medical device and healthcare organizations choose Screentec Oy for our full product service
packages. We do everything from initial prototype creation to full-scale production. By
partnering with us, companies do not need to change manufacturers, worry about supply
changes, or navigate conflicting schedules and production timelines. We manufacture the entire
process in-house at our headquarters in Oulu, Finland.
As well, clients choose Screentec Oy because we are ISO 13 485 and ISO 9001 certified with
ISO 7 cleanroom capabilities. We support our customers with full regulatory documentation,
allowing for faster certification of their products.

Partner With Us

We are known for our excellent customer service; at Screentec Oy, you always work directly
with a leader at the company who thoroughly understands your project. That level of
involvement begins with the first step. Our Chief Technology Officer, Mikko Paakkolanvaara, personally
reviews all incoming projects and oversees each to completion.
When you partner with us, you can expect clear communication, customized solutions, on-time
delivery, and results within budget. For partnership opportunities, contact Mikko Paakkolanvaara,
CTO, at +358 40 727 1374 or We look forward to
working with you.

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